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2022 Craccum Highlights


Flick through this year’s Craccum editions and remind yourself of all the wonderful, weird, confronting and uplifiting events of 2022.

A selection of 2020 Craccum Magazine covers

Feature highlights

Whoa! University in VR?

By Tasman Clark (he/him)

I can’t wait to pay off my virtual loans. The University of Auckland is currently in its fifth and (maybe) final Semester of digital learning. We’ve all experienced the worst of it, from Zoom lectures filled with names instead of faces, to the only social interaction being the voice of a recording. With modern technology, there must be a way…


Playground Politics

By Oliver Cocker (he/him)

A Study of Democracy in the Halls of Residence. Imagine a microcosm of our national political system—a situation without the risk of affecting an entire country for generations to come; a relief from the occasional feeling that our leaders might accidentally press a self-destruct button. Imagine an election for a leader with no real power. An amount of authority so…


Trend Chasers

By Madeleine Crutchley (she/her)

Is TikTok destroying the trend cycle? There’s something magical about the way that TikTok’s For You page and SHEIN ‘new drops’ site update at a similar rate. On both platforms, a small flick of the thumb rewards you with piping hot content, often of debatable quality and unclear origin. A million and one ‘aesthetics’ and ‘cores’ have been trodden over…


Māori and the Digital Divide

By Omni Arona Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai, Aitutaki (he/him)

Technology is the future of Aotearoa, and Māori need to be a part of it. Māori have a long but mostly unrecognised, tāhuhu kōrero (history) of imaginative innovation and comprehension of new technologies. Sails that were used by our ancestors to traverse the pacific were lateen (triangular shaped) and held many advantages over sails used by Europeans at the time…

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Study Fono: Seeking community over independence

Study Fono: Seeking community over independence

Having Study Fono as a requisite to attaining a scholarship ensures that students persist with their successful study techniques and learn from and teach other Pacific students. It forms a helpful push to us reaching our full potential.

Join the Club

Join the Club

There are more than 250 clubs, societies, and associations here at the University of Auckland, so it’s not that much of a stretch to say…there’s a club for everyone!